Monday, March 15, 2010

Long time. Must blog.

Coming to you from my noisy Apt in Panama City. A little stir crazy but feeling creative I decided to skip yoga and work on this blog thing I put aside months ago. It seems between shooting and this computer thing I've acquired a lovely case of Carpal-Tunnel, my excuse to ditch yoga and all the down dog's or should I say "perro abajo" but here I am clicking away. Panama, Panama! a wild ride to get here and almost time to go home, just for a month. It's been a long time dream for me to live out of my country and thanks to my #1 guy for making it possible. With that, I wanted to share some of my shots and a bit of commentary. Here's some scenery and surf, and I'm throwing in a bit of fashion for the hell of last job from home, a story in it's self I'll spare you and me both from.

Here are some shots from Isla Grande, my first trip to the Caribbean coast.

This is a transitional time for me especially creatively. What's next? Life's thrown me some curve balls already this year and it's been tricky to really focus on much of anything consistently. Like surfing for instance, after a Dr's ordered break, I moved to Panama unfortunately free of my "diagnosis" and cleared to surf the glassy, beach break waves of Playa Venao (a desolate Pacific beach on the coast of ummm Central Panama)*see down page. We took this trip during the week of Carnival, a huge spectacle down here. We chose to forgo all the festive nonsense to surf..and just chill out! (We camped for a week at gorgeous Eco Venao) Well neither came easy to me, the surfing or the chilling that is. With a clouded head and heart, I faced Mother Ocean with resentment and confusion. I learned that trip that you're either with her or against her. Like any woman, you take her for-granted and you pay. My first wave came and I felt pretty natural about it (even though these were big waves to be diving back into the game on). I went for it! Well, so did Danny and cut me off with a smile. He intended for us to ride down the face together, like we have in the past but I didn't see it that way at the time and from that moment I couldn't look at HER the same. I felt green, and frustrated. Although I haven't been at this long, I had found what I thought was my niche but too many months went by and I lost my groove. Without being in my "happy place" I cannot be a "happy surfer". One cannot solve the other and if you push it you'll get hurt, and I did. After 3 days and many nice bangs by the board (the final 2 in the head) I threw in the towel, for now. 
The plus about being a photographer, no trip is ever a bore. You're never really OUT of the action with a camera in your hand.
I'm anxious to start shooting in the water! The shore's just not doin it for me. 

On a technical note, my love affair w/ Leica has dwindled. Unless I shoot her in B+W the clarity just isn't there, and for a $1,000 point and shoot I would've expected more.

Note to self: bring your good gear w/ you everywhere from now on! It's too depressing to compromise quality shots for the fear of theft..get over it!

Ciao for now, V

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