Sunday, May 1, 2011

A note on "Going Green" and Wind Power

I'm compelled to blog about my excitement from an NPR interview I listened in on this week.

Wind farms are coming to East Coast, USA, FINALLY! "Cape Wind, America's First Offshore Windfarm on Nantucket Sound" has just won approval for construction of a 130 turbine wind farm.
When I heard this I paid a mental revisit to my trip to Germany, in all it's eco friendliness. I was deeply inspired by the majestic wind farms throughout the North and happy to pay .5 Euro for a shopping bag, as locals are expected to bring their own.
Since that trip in 2008, it is apparent that progress has been made here in my homeland. As I re-read my photo essay "keepin it GREEN" I only feel a little bit of guilt for some of my anti-patriot statements. Cause sometimes it takes a little fuel to get things moving, but we're better off using wind.

Read my essay:

Tips to Going Green:
-Start a trash compost
-Grow a garden
and of course RECYCLE