Monday, March 28, 2011

New Baby, New Venture

This blog thing has become a vacancy that I must now attend to. In the time since my last post (in a past life) things have changed drastically to say the least.
I returned to the States and thus, HAD A BABY! We call her Safina Stella and what a difference she has made on me and my point of view. 
Becoming a Mom has taken more of a centerstage then I ever imagined. Once, I thought I would just work and if I had kids great if not I had my career. Until one day I woke up and that thought was flipped upside down, in reverse to be exact, and I realized that I wanted my job to be BEING a Mom.
But even with an adorable, persistently crying, bundle of joy, other duties still call. The world only stopping for a second to embrace my new life and then a voice...LET'S GET ON WITH IT!

So how can I be the Mother and the Working Girl (not the Pretty Woman kind) I've dreamed of being?

I present to you Mamatography!

In expectation of Safi, I did some analyzing of my short, but prosperously lived career as a designer, photographer and teacher. Out of my many lessons learned I found that my most rewarding gig has been GIVING lessons to others on my craft.
I'm not one for politics and the photo industry on a mainstream level is just that, a POLITICAL PAIN IN THE ASS!

That said, I'm excited to take silly pictures of my baby girl and share the concepts with other like minded MAMA's.

I'm offering lessons to Anyone, Anywhere via Skype and in person in South Florida.
Would love to hear from you!
Best, Vicky
©2011 Vicky Scesa, Mamatography™